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Express Dinner Service Menu


Fennel roasted cod with lemon 

Shrimp Ramen bowls with spring veggies 

Citrus seared red snapper with orange salad 

Crab pasta carbonara 



Pork saltimbocca

Seared pork tenderloin with a dijon peach sauce 

Whole wheat pasta with sausage and Swiss chard 



Asparagus, pea, and chicken pasta with burrata 

Greek chicken sauté over couscous 

Bacon wrapped chicken with creamy dijon sauce


Red Meat

Thai beef bowl with rice noodles 

Skillet steak with red potatoes and herb sauce 

Spiced lamb and dill yogurt pasta 


Spring veggies over creamy polenta with citrus gremolata 

Asparagus and fontina quiche

Roasted chickpea shawarma warps


Kid Friendly

Sheet pan chicken fajitas

Cornflake crusted fish sticks and potato wedges

Baked beens and hot dog casserole with biscuit topping



Beet gazpacho with quick pickled veggies 

Cacio e Peppe with edamame 

Israeli couscous salad with asparagus, feta, and kalamata olives 

Mashed minty and parmesan peas

Lemon braised artichoke hearts 

Roasted asparagus with goat cheese vinaigrette

Green goddess roasted carrot salad 

Farro “risottto” with roasted fennel

Garlic mashed potato cakes with parmesan

Loaded sweet potato skins

Cheesy hasselback potatoes

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