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Understanding how a Personal Chef Service Works

Often times when people think about a personal chef service they imagine them being only for the wealthy. In truth, a personal chef service can be a very affordable way to feed your busy family a healthy meal. The confusion often comes from a mix-up in terminology. A private chef is one that exclusively cooks for a single family. They often live with the family and cook all of their meals for them, morning, noon and night. A personal chef is one that has a number of clients and cooks a set number of meals for them during their scheduled cook date. This could be once a week, every other week or even once a month. Personal chef services work different for every service provider but in general they all work the same. The chef will set up a consultation with the potential client to determine their needs, goals and eating habits. Once a first cook day is scheduled the chef will create a menu based on the clients food likes, dis-likes and dietary restrictions. On the cook day the chef will first go to the grocery store, then head to their clients home to cook all of their meals, package them up and leave them in the fridge or freezer with reheating instructions. Finally the chef will cleanup the kitchen and leave behind only delicious food and mouthwatering aromas. The amount of food that is cooked during one cooking session also varies depending on the client and the chef. Many chefs offer a standard 5 entrees with one side dish each. Others will allow the client to customize the number of entrees and side dishes that they want. For example I offer the option of just getting entrees or getting entrees with one side dish each. Each chef's rates will also vary. Some will charge a flat rate no matter how much food their client needs and others will charge varying fees based on the food they want. There are a number of reasons why a family may want a personal chef. Some of them include having a busy family, the need to stick to a very specific diet, elderly family members that can no long cook for themselves or being a new mom. Personal chef services also make a great gift for a family that is grieving, dealing with a medial crises or welcoming a new baby into their home. One of the best things about personal chef services is how personal they really are. Each chef is providing a services that is specific to their clients needs in an easy and comfortable way. If you have any more questions about how personal chef services work feel free to reach out to me.

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