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Weeknight Dinner Service

Check out my two weeknight dinner options below. One for families that want meals tailored to their specific tastes and dietary restrictions. The other for the more cost-sensitive family, smaller families, or single people who don't want as much food. Both services offer a convenient and healthy solution to the question, what's for Dinner? All meals are currently cooked in a commercial kitchen on Monday, then delivered on Tuesday. Both meal delivery services are available with no commitment. I can deliver once a week, once a month or whenever your family needs extra help. If you prefer service in your home, my custom option allows for this type of service as well. 


Custom Dinner Service

Not Currently Available

Express Meal Delivery Service

Perfect for those with specific dietary needs or preferences. A custom menu will be created for you before every scheduled cook day.

- The menu is created specifically to fit your needs, make edits and suggestions as you wish. I'll cook for Paleo, Whole 30, Gluten free, Weight Watchers, or your picky child that will only eat mac n cheese made with white cheddar.  

- Shopping will be done at the grocery store of your choice

- A free phone consultation will be set up prior to your first service to determine your specific needs

- Available in 15+ mile radius of Arnold*, MD.

- Menu specific reheating instructions will be left at your home

- The food can be cooked in a commercial kitchen on Monday and delivered Tuesday or cooked in your own home Wednesday or Thursday.

 Each entree comes with an appropriate side and up to 4 servings.

Groceries are not included in the cost. You will be charged
for their exact cost. Prices listed below are the starting price for each service. Charges could increase based on customization needs and special dietary requirement. The finalized fee will be given after the consultation is complete. 

Delivery Prices:

8 servings...........2 entrees + 1 side each = $250 

12 servings...........3 entrees + 1 side each = $290
16 servings.......... 4 entrees + 1 side each= $330
20 servings.......... 5 entrees + 1 side each= $360

In-home Prices:

12 servings...........3 entrees + 1 side each = $315
16 servings.......... 4 entrees + 1 side each= $355
20 servings.......... 5 entrees + 1 side each= $385


If you are open to trying new foods, want only a handful of meals, or trying to save a little money, express meals are perfect for you. The meals are delicious, healthy, seasonal, and always changing.


- Six full meals are available each week along with additional side items. The menu is always rotating and new menu items are introduced each month. 

- Each menu item is priced separately, so you can order 1 to 100 of every available meal. ($40 order min)

- Groceries are included in the cost. The only additional fee is a delivery fee, which is based on the amount of food you order. See the delivery cost table below for more information. 

- New menus are posted every Monday. Order deadline is Thursday at 5pm.

- Meals will be cooked in a commercial kitchen on Monday and delivered on Tuesday morning/afternoon. You will be sent a 1 hr delivery window on Monday. If you will not be home during delivery but will be within two hours, you can set out a cooler with ice packs. 

- Delivery is available in a10 mile radius of Broadneck Elementary School in Arnold. See if delivery is available to you.  

- Food will be delivered in compostable containers without any extra packaging or waste. Please provide feedback on containers. If they don't hold up I will switch to a recyclable container. 

Place your order for next week!


*Delivery Fees                                                                                
    Spend $40 - $74 ............. $7
    Spend $75 - $99 ........... $5
    Spend $100 - $124 .......... $3

    Spend $125+ .................. $1


Service Areas
*Maryland = Custom Dinner Service, 15-mile radius of Arnold, MD no charge. $.75 per mile charge for
every mile over 15 miles each direction plus drive time. If any bridge tolls are required there will be an additional charge. Express meal delivery is available in a 10 mile radius of Broadneck Elementary School in Arnold.  


Additional Charges
Add a side to one entree = $25

Soup added to service = $30

Extra entree with no side = $35

Dessert = $30 -$35
Container fee = This will depend on the containers you choose
Special dietary needs = Fees will be assessed based on needs. 
Paypal/Square/ Credit Card Fee = 3%


Service fee + 50% of your estimated grocery cost is due before your day of service. The remainder of the grocery balance is due within 15 days after service. If you are behind more then 30 days I will suspend service until payment is made. After 60 days interest will start to accrue at a rate of 1.5% per day. 


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