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The Choices are Endless

Check out a number of tasty recipes on my menu pages, however keep in mind this is just a sample of what I make. I don't just cook one type of food, I enjoy exploring new recipes every day. My most common recipes range from comfort food to casual and classic dishes. Once I know your likes and dislikes I put together a custom menu for you. I can also make a family favorite of yours.


I will tailor recipes for special dietary needs like Gluten Free and Paleo as well. I know you don't want to eat the same thing all the time and I don't want to cook the same things all the time, so I find new recipe ideas and inpirations every month.

Trying to eat healthier?.... I will make recipe substitutions to suit your eating restrictions.

Keeping your groceries to a specific budget? ....I will pick recipes based on your budget.  If you prefer all organic, local and farm to table ingredients I can tailor the menu to those ingredients as well.

Have more Questions? ....Check out my FAQ page.

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