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A New Year Eating Plan

The average American eats away from home 4 times a week, which results in gaining 8 lbs a year. Even when you try to eat healthy away from home, you most likely aren't eating as healthy as if you cooked the meal yourself. In restaurants they aren't watching the fats that they use, how much salt they add to a dish and if there are any extra sugars added. It is also harder to control the portion size when you are eating out. If it is on the plate in front of you, chances are you are going to eat it and not put it in a doggie bag. If you are trying to eat healthier in 2015 the best step you can take is to make more of your meals at home. Nowadays time is on short supply in most households, which is why we are eating out more often. Healthy home cooked meals don't have to take a long time to make though. Devices like slow cookers, fresh vegetables that are already chopped in the grocery stores and rotisserie chickens all make life easier in the kitchen. The key is to put a meal plan together for each week. Planning ahead will cut down on time and ensure that you have something to put on the dinner table every night.

  1. Start with your family's favorite things to eat then think about ways to make them a little healthier and easy to make. If your kids love mac n cheese, add in some cauliflower or butternut squash. If it is spaghetti and meatballs add in some spinach or pureed broccoli.

  2. Next think about ways that you can pre-cook certain items so that all it takes at night is some reheating. Make a big pot of sauce on Sunday night or cook a bunch of chicken breasts in the oven that you can use throughout the week.

  3. The key to making a home eating plan is to make it manageable and interesting.

  • Don't cook the same thing every week or your family will grow tired of it and you will turn to take out.

  • Don't try to cook a three course meal for dinner during the week. Keep it simple and delicious.

  • Ask for help from your family where you can. Not only will it provide lasting memories, it will take some of the load of your shoulders.

  • If your kids are old enough assign each person in your house one night of the week to be responsible for dinner. They may surprise you.

If all else fails and you still find yourself eating out way more then you should consider hiring a personal chef. After all that is what we are here for. To help you and your family, eat healthier, at home around the dinner with very minimal effort.

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