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Greek Yogurt Cheese

Nowadays I spend so much of my time hunting for food inspiration on the internet. There are so many amazing specialized food sites, blogs and of course Pinterest available, it is hard to remember that I own a ton of amazing cookbooks. This weekend I decided to spend some time browsing through them for inspiration and came across recipe I love to make and haven't made in a while. One of them is for a soft cheese made out of Greek yogurt. It is very easy to make, it tastes delicious and since it is made from Greek yogurt it is a healthy soft cheese. Ingredients 1 large container plain Greek Yogurt 1/2 tsp Kosher salt 2 tsp Crushed Red Peppers or Cayenne Powder

1 Tbsp Fresh Rosemary, chopped 1 Tbsp Fresh Thyme, chopped Olive oil (garlic flavored is the best but plain is also good. If you don't have garlic flavored, add garlic to your spice mixture) Directions

  1. Sterilize a 12in square of cheesecloth in boiling water. Lay over a plate. Mix together the yogurt and salt then place in cheesecloth. Bring up all sides of the cheese cloth around it and tie the top tightly with a string.

  2. Hang the bag in your fridge with a bowl underneath or place in a strainer with a bowl under it to allow the water to drip out. It will take 2-3 days to get all the moisture out of the yogurt.

  3. Once the yogurt is moisture free, sterilize 2 pint sized glass jars. You can do this in hot water or in a 300 degree oven. Leave them in there for 15 minutes.

  4. Mix the herbs together in a small bowl. Take teaspoons of the cheese and roll into small balls. Lower then into the jars once they are cooled. In between each layer of cheese sprinkle some of the herb mixture.

  5. Poor oil over the cheese until the jar is filled. Store in the fridge covered for up to 3 weeks. If you don't eat it all first.

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