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My Favorite Summer Recipes

As you may or may not know, I have another blog that I started a while back called Cooking With Coupons. It is a budget recipe blog where I create recipes and meals based on the food items that were on sale each week and coupons that you could find in the paper. I still get a chance every now and again to post on the site, but not as often as I like. So I thought I would bring some of my favorite summer recipes from that site over here for you to take a look at. I recommend all of them because they are delicious. Although I am the one that created them so I am probably a little bit bias. Summer Salads and Sides

Brown Rice Salad - I created this salad as a healthy alternative to all of the summer salads that are filled with mayo. I took some of my favorite ingredients and put them all in once place including avocado, mango and black beans. It is finished with a great citrus dressing.

Broccoli Salad - This one is pretty much a classic with bacon, red onion and raisins. It is a way to get your veggies on the table of that BBQ in more then just a veggie platter. Sweet Potato Salad with Bacon - This recipe is actually from Bobby Flay. I absolutely love it though. Sweet potato, bacon, and red onion with a vinegar dressing. I make it for clients all of the time.

Sweet Mac n Cheese - Is mac n cheese a summer dish or winter dish? I think it is both. Great as a comfort food when it's cold and wonderful at a BBQ or with some delicious fried chicken. This version adds some sweetness to the cheese with condensed milk. It makes it extra special.

Main Dishes

Grilled Pork Loin - This pork is rubbed with a lot of spices and cooked over indirect heat to ensure that the outside doesn't get overcooked while the inside is under cooked. The best part about this recipe is the versatility. You can really put anything you want on the pork.

Grilled London Broil - If you are craving beef but sticking to a budget London broil is a great option. It is a tough cut of meat though so you need to marinate it for at least 4 hours but up to 24 hours to get a better flavor and texture. It grills quick and is great for a large group. Slider Toppings - Grill up your favorite mini burger or chicken recipe then create these three toppings for a fun slider bar at your next cook out. People love to customize their food and this way everyone will find something they like to eat. It is much easier then cooking a bunch of different proteins to fit everyone's taste buds.

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