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7 Fun Summer Recipes

There are so many wonderful things about summer foods. First, we get to enjoy so many fresh ingredients with all of the fruits and veggies that go straight from the farm to our homes. Or better yet, straight from the garden. Farmers markets are filled with delicious food that you just can't get the rest of the year. Those strong, fresh flavors mean that cooking can be simple. Just let the ingredients do the talking.

Second, food helps to define a lot of the fun activities we do throughout the summer. Backyard BBQs, a picnic in the park, camping in the woods or a day at the beach. They all have their specific foods that help to make the experience that much more enjoyable. They even have foods that truly define each experience.

Third, there is grilling. I know you can do this during other seasons, but summer grilling is just where it's at. You can smell the BBQs going around your whole neighborhood.

With so much good food, it's hard to only pick 7 recipes, but I didn't want to roundup too many or you just get overwhelmed. Like when you are looking for potato salad on Pinterest. I mean how do you choose?

It wouldn't be a proper summer recipe list without a corn recipe. You have to take advantage of it while it's sweet and fresh. I like this recipe because it is something different to do with the summer vegetable that you probably haven't tried before. Plus who can say no to goat cheese?


Nothing says summer like a cold Popsicle on a hot summer day and with watermelon being the ultimate summer fruit, this is the perfect Popsicle recipe. With a few simple ingredients you will be enjoying these ice pops in no time without any guilt.


This recipe is super simple, which is part of the reason I picked it. But I also chose this to be one of the recipes because it reminds me of my childhood summers at the lake. There would also be a big pot of salt potatoes on the table along with our corn and grilled meat of some kind. Yes, I know people put salt in their water when they boil potatoes, but not like this. If you haven't been to Western NY and had salt potatoes, you need to give this side dish a try!

Campfires and s'mores are a big part of summer evenings, whether camping, at the beach or in your backyard. It is hard to even have a summer campfire without this sweet treat. Here is one way to enjoy the delicious flavor combo without the campfire. Bring these brownies to a summer cookout and you will be a big hit!

Here is another simple one. (The way summer cooking should be) It's hard to beat a fresh tomato, so why do a lot to it. Throw together this simple bruschetta when last minute guests come over or for a fun happy house at home with some light summer wine!

The name pretty much says it all. Homemade ice cream that you don't need to churn and has caramel, toffee and cheesecake flavors. We must have died and gone to heaven with this decedent treat. The best part is (well maybe not the best part) you can customize the flavors to suit your taste buds!


What is summer without grilling and fresh salsa. One way to make it all more affordable is by buying a less expensive cut of beef like London broil and marinating it. This does require some extra time and the longer you marinate London broil the happier you will be. Even as long as 24 hours. This mango salsa would be great on a number of summer foods or by itself with some chips. It makes this a very versitle recipe.

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