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Cooking With Spring Vegetables

There are so many wonderful things about spring. The smell of the thawing ground and blooming flowers, those bright colors, the warming weather and of course getting to enjoy fresh vegetables for the first time in months. Gone are the days of winter squashes and potatoes. Instead we get to start cooking with fresh, flavor packed vegetables and fruits that bring brightness even to a simple dish.

Let's take a look at what vegetables and fruits are in season right now. There are the obvious ones like strawberries, peas and asparagus. There are also all the delicate greens such as arugula, baby lettuce, watercress and mustard greens. Don't forget about artichokes, fennel, avocados, radishes and the sweet vidalia onions. What about something you may have never heard of...fiddlehead ferns. Oh and those ever elusive ramps. You hear about them every spring, but can you ever find them? I haven't been able to. Now that we have a list of delicious options to choose from, let's find some recipes to highlight them. I like to start simple. Grilled Vidalia Onions with Bacon When you have a sweet onion like a vidalia, you don't have to do much to it, to make it delicious. Just wrap some bacon around it, wrap it up in foil and throw it on the grill. Sweet, tangy and a little fatty.

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Radish, Arugula and Green Bean Salad This salad is just filled with spring vegetable freshness. You don't need too many ingredients when they are all in season and freshly picked. Toss this together for a delicious lunch. Thai Green Curry with Spring Vegetables Don't be afraid of making curry at home. It is really simple, and you will enjoy a little spice with your spring vegetables like asparagus.

Lamb Ragout with Spring Vegetables If there were a spring meat to enjoy with your spring vegetables, lamb would be it. Lamb has a fresher flavor when it is young in the spring, which is why its so popular. Enjoy it in this ragout, over some of your favorite spring vegetables. Cheesy Grits with Spring Vegetables Cheese grits can make the perfect bed for so many things. Shrimp, fried chicken, rib-eye and even healthy spring vegetables. This recipe is simple and finished with tarragon and a poached egg.

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